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Dermal Filler Treatment in Burlington

Dermal filler treatment is a type of soft-tissue injectable filler that’s meant to reduce lines and wrinkles, and to also bring volume and fullness to specific parts of the face. These facial fillers are made up of a gel-like substance that is injected under the skin.

The four brands of dermal fillers offered at Burlington Medical Aesthetics include Juvaderm, Belotero, Restylane and Radiesse. Each of these fillers are FDA approved and made using hyaluronic acid—a substance naturally produced by the body, to enhance and restore volume of certain parts of the face like lips and cheeks. Calcium Hydroxylapatite is also used to give longer lasting effects and restoring areas like the jaw lines.

What can cosmetic dermal filler treatment be used for?

Because of aging, sun exposure, lifestyle, heredity and other factors, our skin begins to stretch over time, leading to a loss of volume and wrinkles. Dermal filler treatment can be used to reduce the appearance of aging, wrinkles, and loss of volume.

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Smoothing & Filling

  • Smoothing out smile lines
  • Smoothing out chin creases
  • Filling in scarring that has punctured the skin
  • Lip plumping

Cosmetic Applications

  • Creating symmetry with facial features
  • Decreasing the shadow on lower lids
  • Restoring volume to sunken cheeks or temples
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The Science of Beauty

All products on-site were chosen because of three factors: quality, trust, and credibility.

Unlike other clinics, Burlington Medical Aesthetics offers injections that are administered by a trained and licensed physician, giving you the confidence you deserve to make the most informed decision possible.

[basic_container container_size=”container-fluid”][alternating_content_container][image-and-content-pair include_button=”include” side_image=”358″ heading=”JUVÉDERM®” link=”|title:JUV%C3%89DERM%C2%AE||”]JUVÉDERM® filler treatment reduces facial lines and wrinkles, bringing a youthful, full-volumed look back to the surface. Look the way you want to feel with JUVÉDERM® at Burlington Medical Aesthetics.[/image-and-content-pair][image-and-content-pair include_button=”include” side_image=”270″ heading=”Restylane®” link=”|title:Restylane%C2%AE||”]For a smooth, refined look, Restylane® filler treatment reinvigorates your vibrant, younger self. Look the way you want to feel with Restylane® at Burlington Medical Aesthetics.[/image-and-content-pair][image-and-content-pair include_button=”include” link=”|title:Belotero%C2%AE||” side_image=”269″ heading=”Belotero®”]Belotero® filler treatment curbs the effects of time by bringing youthful rejuvenation back to your skin. Look the way you want to feel with Belotero® at Burlington Medical Aesthetics.[/image-and-content-pair][image-and-content-pair include_button=”include” heading=”Radiesse®” side_image=”711″ link=”|title:Radiesse%C2%AE||”]Radiesse is a dermal filler intended for areas around the nose and mouth, and is the first dermal filler FDA-approved for both the face and hands.[/image-and-content-pair][/alternating_content_container][/basic_container]
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